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Bingo and roulette may seem like odd bedfellows, and the idea of playing roulette in a bingo hall was once regarded as wild as playing football in a church. Thankfully, times have changed, with free bingo sites now offering casino games as part of their standard gaming portfolio. Costa Bingo, the free bingo pioneer, has led the way in bringing bingo bang up to date in the gaming arena.

Born in 2009, Costa Bingo arrived relatively late on the online bingo stage. Since then Costa's rise has been meteoric, pushing the boundaries of the free bingo concept to bring a new brand of bingo to its players. News of the site's fun approach and down-to-earth clientele brought ever more fans to the site, and it is this formula that still resonates today among its 6000-plus players.

First among Costa's major innovations was its instant and side games. Costa knew that there was more to bingo than...well, bingo! The addition of something new proved a remarkable success, with hit after hit on these new sides and instants. With several high-profile winners telling their remarkable story, it was only a matter of time before Costa made the next step in the bingo evolution: casino games.

While slots and superslots can perhaps be seen as a natural progression from instant games (similarly seemingly based on chance), roulette is perhaps more of a departure. With the range of betting available in roulette – as there is in craps – players require a greater understanding of the game and their options. Roulette also has the scope for greater use of strategy than bingo and slots games, with various tactics available for deployment as players attempt to maximise their winnings.

However, roulette has been one of Costa's major success stories, resulting in a huge influx of casino players into the world of free bingo. The cross-over turned into a migration, as many of these casino gamers began to experience online bingo for the first time. The reasons for both sets of fans enjoying each other's games may be different, but Costa's common platform has united them. Games of free bingo in Costa's new calendar are punctuated by as many games of roulette as slots or instants.

Of course, the success of the casino games in the bingo arena was never guaranteed. The key for Costa has been to introduce these new games while maintaining the atmosphere and ethos that was behind its origin. The host of different games available to players give them the option to enjoy the Costa vibe that they know and love as they skip from game to game. In casino terms, Costa has what it takes to bring the house down.