French Roulette

The game of roulette is one of the most sought after casino games and the word Roulette itself is a French word meaning ‘little wheel’. French roulette is a version of European roulette, which is offered by many online casinos as well. This game is based on the roulette that has a single zero. The layout of French roulette and European roulette is somewhat different. Some extra bets are offered by the French roulette and there are some different rules that diminish the house edge to a large extent. The European roulette wheel and the French roulette wheel is the same. The main difference is the color of the layout. The layout of the French wheel is entirely in red. Other roulette tables are divided in black and red section. But this is just a design preference. There is no indication of the black numbers on the wheel; they are placed only on the wheel. The text on the French roulette layout is in French. The implications are the same like the European roulette when it comes to betting. Even numbers are implied by “Pair” and odd numbers are implied by “Impair”. Just like the European roulette “Passé” implies high numbers that are from 19 to 36 and “Manqué” implies low numbers that are numbers form 1 to 18. You can find colored diamonds that denotes black and red in the French roulette table.

There is a significant difference between the European roulette and the French roulette. In addition to the normal bets that are placed on the layout pattern, French roulette permits for bets that are based on wheel pattern as well. Another name for such bets is “call bets”. These types of bets are not very beneficial when it comes to payouts, as they give the same house edge just like the other bets.

There is a rule in French Roulette that is known as “La Partage”. According to this rule of French roulette a unique advantage is provided to the players who have placed their wager on even money bets like Impair/Pair or Passé/Manqué or even Black/Red. This advantage is given only when a zero is called out. In this advantage half of the amount of the bet is returned back to the players. This further helps in reducing the house edge. So if you are a roulette player or love to play casino games then you can take the advantage of the French roulette. These days French roulette is also offered by the online casinos. With the help of online games you can play these games from any part of the world. Even when  playing in online casinos you can take the advantage of the special rules that are associated with French roulette as you just need to select a casino that has the game of French roulettes and then you should place your wager only on the even money bets. Even if you do not know French you can easily take the help of a French glossary to get acquainted with the terms used in French roulette.